7. Formatting BRAT Input Data

Task 1: Export Final_NHD_Perennial_BRATInput.shp as a Text File
  • Step 1: Open the attribute table of Final_NHD_Perennial_BRATInput.shp and export data.

  • Step 2: Export and save as a .csv file (Final_NHD_From_GIS.csv)


Task 2: Format the .csv Table 

  • Step 1: Open Final_NHD_From_GIS.csv in Excel
  • Step 2: Make a column named Slope and make a formula to calculate channel slope (ElevMAX-ElevMIN)/Length for all entries.
  • Step 3: If dam counts are not available, leave all cells for "e_DamCt" blank.
  • Step 3: Previously, calculations to convert the DrainMAX column to square kilometers were required, but with the DEM to Flow Accumulation tool, this is no longer necessary.
  • Step 4: Format the table as follows for FIS input:
Format the table  with columns A-S, as shown below:

  • Output (save as)
    • Final_NHD_BRAT_Input.csv

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