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Areas Run as Part of UDWR Utah BRAT

Data from the UDWR Utah BRAT project is now available for download on Utah's AGRC website. You can also download manually Arc Shapefiles, layerfiles, geodatabsaes and/or KMZs from:

The data is organized into Statewide coverage (Utah only), coverages for whole area (shown at right) by Hydrologic Regions (as shown below) and, coverages by UDWR Management Regions.  

The existing and historic BRAT capacity model estimates can be found on Data Basin:

The above data are based on:
  • In Review. Macfarlane WW‡ , Wheaton JM, Bouwes N, Jensen M*, Hough-Snee N*, and Shivick J. Modeling the capacity of riverscapes to support beaver dams. Submitted to: Geomorphology.
  • Macfarlane W.W., Wheaton J.M., and Jensen, M.L. 2014. The Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool: A Decision Support and Planning Tool for Utah. Ecogeomorphology and Topographic Analysis Lab, Utah State University, Prepared for Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Logan, Utah, 135 pp.